Torre Borealis

Urbania has acquired a large, prestigious building with almost 12.734,36 m2 of buildable area that was operated during several years as a hotel. The idea is to reconvert it into a high-end residential condominium with 73 units allowing us to develop 7.500 sqm of buildable area.

The building will be converted into a luxury residential-led development in a great location in Madrid. It enjoys very good connections with airport, train station and city center through the nearby M-30 ring road further enhancing the attractiveness of the residential units.

The building’s spacious condos also offer panoramic views of Madrid. In a combination of beauty and function, improving efficiency and creating floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall views from within the building's apartment.

Expressing truly modern architecture, the building creates a union of elements similar to those which comprise the landmark buildings in European cities.

On completion, there will be 73 apartments arranged over ten stories, ranging in size from one-bedroom to four-bedroom residences. It has excellent natural light provision on every floor. Two terraces will provide an exterior patio area for owners. The breathtaking lobby with 8 m height and 300 sqm is extremely spacious and will allow more services to be provided to the residents and provides a nice seating area for their guests/residents.

The building has 115 existing parking spaces and it will include a private wellness spa, outdoor swimming pool and fully equipped gymnasium, sauna, steam and treatment room. Residents will benefit from a gated community, with secure drop off points, and full lifestyle service.

Urbania co-develop this project with a local partner, Grupo IBOSA, residential developer specialized in management of residential buildings for cooperatives.