Urbania Brazil

At present, Urbania has acquired over 500 ha of land and is currently developing three planned communities
consisting of more than 6000 housing units as well as substantial commercial, industrial and leisure activities.

Over 2.000 units have been sold in the last two years in Brazil

All our projects are concentrated in the Northeastern region of Brazil in Ceará. Urbania has an office in the capital Fortaleza with a local team of 30 professionals.

Urbania’s strategy is totally focused on the middle class market segment for whom permanent and well-paid jobs are now available but who have no easy access to the housing market.

Urbania is developing fully integrated neighborhoods with social, commercial and leisure facilities and great access to existing work places.

In order to develop these projects, a joint venture has been signed with Momentum Capital, a Dutch investment fund and Urbania’s financial partner for all projects in Brazil.

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