Urbania Foundation

Urbania Foundation reflects the firm’s commitment to social responsibility and sincere desire to improve
the communities in which we are active

Values + Education + Culture + Sports

The principles of our foundation are to:

- Transmit the values of solidarity, commitment and attention
   to the most disadvantaged population.

- Encourage education and culture among the least advantaged
   population by offering alternative leisure activities that will improve
   their quality of life

- Promote, support and encourage sports activities in order to increase
   social integration and transmit fundamental values

Therefore, our summary of activities include:

- Programs of social, educational and health activities as well
   as development programs.

- Upkeep of schools, distribution of educational materials.

- Sponsoring of sports teams.

- Facilitating medical attention for needed families.

The Urbania Foundation in Brazil, is directly involved in health and leisure activities for the people living in the communities where the projects are being developed.

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